Soon Enough, We Will Want Some Alone Time

As I walk around an immaculately clean home, starring at organized drawers, glass windows so clean birds heed warning, and elegantly arranged dressers and closets that have now been organized by both style and color, I ponder; “How the BLEEP did we get to this!”

Our lives have been put on hold, like waking up late at an apartment which is repaving it’s parking lot. We are indefinitely stuck, stranded, we cannot move. We all have a growing feeling of wanting for something to do, ultimately left to our own hand held devices.

And if it were any worse, we are not alone.

Our entertainment and entertainers are too, stuck in the Covid19 muck. They, whom we rely on to distract; sports stars, celebrities, and dare I say influencers are in the same boat. No wind to press against the sail. No sign of land. All of us, just adrift in a boring sea.

A-Rod and J-Lo, we turn our lowly eyes to you. America yearns to worry about trivial S#!T once again.

So what if anything, can or should we do?

Use this time to be JUST YOU.

What has been lost during the internet wave and millennial timeline is a lack of self-truism. A mandatory faux facade has been introduced and offered by way of social media and we took it down like a fat kid on a Twinkie. Now whole generations are being voluntarily robbed of accepting our own grotesque blemished selves.

This time is an opportunity to stop lying to our-self and turn off the filter. Be your true self and recognize those things we all need to work on. Know those pimples, blemishes, shortcomings, and work on them all, or come to terms with the flawed traits. Know that imperfection is ultimately the 'truest us', all of us. It is ok during this torrid alone time to take a minute or day or hell a week and to not post perfectly, pose, touch-up or filter. It’s ok to not be in the perfect frame of mind, or perfectly framed at all.

This time, now, much like all time here is rare, so use it. Use this moment in time to not be anything else but the perfectly unfiltered portrait of yourself.

Soon enough we will all have to go back to our sultry-social-selves, collecting likes, and making positive impressions on others we barley know if we know them at all.

Soon enough, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, we will again be socially overwhelmed and have a smidgen of WANTING SOME ALONE-TIME, time to just be yourself.

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