Brand New Broncos

I am not going to grade nor am I going to give you deeply negative analysis telling you who was "still on the board" or what was a "higher position of need" when the Broncos made their respective picks. No high ceiling, low floor. No mention of draft busts or other missed bargains. This is, not a sports website with pages and pages of stats and gas-baggery hot-takes. Only a wait and see and a hope for our newly anointed: who soon we will cheer on as they don the Orange and Blue.


1st Round, No. 20 overall (from Pittsburgh) | Noah Fant, TE, Iowa

Fant is a deep threat Tight End who can stretch the field and make certain the opposing defensive coordinator doesn’t sleep well the night before the game. A mismatch in the passing game that has been missing from the Broncos since Julius Thomas left to Jacksonville.

But can he Block?

Noah Fant is more of a receiving threat at TE than a blocker. Ok that is putting it lightly; Fant is willing to block, but that’s like my wife asking me if I will go shopping. I am willing to go every now and then, but don’t ask me to do it every Sunday. I have better things to do.

Bottom Line: Flacco is at his best when he has a security blanket in the middle of the field and Fant at TE can be that guy. Expect Fant to have an instant impact in the passing game: red-zone, third-down or otherwise.

2nd Round, No. 41 overall | Dalton Risner, OT, Kansas State

What do you need to know?

REALLY BIG FELLA THAT PROTECTS LITTLE FELLAS (6’5” 314 lbs) – Broncos offensive line was banged up and at times struggled some in 2018. Their steadfast Center Matt Paradise is now gone (Jets) and questions at guard and tackle made offensive line a need winch needed to be addressed. Drafting Risner is a move that will solidify the unit and make them a steady and more deep group in 2019.

2nd round, No. 42 overall (from Cincinnati) | Drew Lock, QB, Missouri


A possible first round talent, Drew Lock slipped to the 2nd where the Broncos saw value and they were willing and quite frankly; in a good, if not great position to take a risk.

Lock is an amazing athlete who has plenty of starts under his belt (46 starts in four years at Missouri). He has a quick release, doesn’t get sacked, and has the athletic ability and football IQ to scan and read the entire field. Lock was a "show me" star at Missouri and a fan favorite giving them plenty of wins and highlight plays in what is a tough SEC. Lock loved playing at Mizzou and Mizzou loved them some Lock. (99 TDs/12,193 Passing Yards) For the Tigers and Mizzou, he will be missed but not soon forgotten.

So why was he available in the 2nd round?

One word: ACCURACY, or lack thereof: In the NFL the windows you must hit are small, microscopic, and tiny, like the size of Ant Mans…… Little Toe.

The difference between a complete pass and an interception could be less than an inch. You need pinpoint accuracy to succeed, and Lock doesn’t have it……Least Not Yet.

Lock has the raw talent and arm strength to become a starting QB for the Denver Broncos. He just needs time, and with Flacco already named the starter, time is something he certainly has.

Flacco was brought in to help the Broncos compete now, Drew Lock might be the answer to competing from now on.

Other Draft Picks

3rd Round, No. 71 overall | Dre'Mont Jones, DL, Ohio State

5th Round, No. 156 overall (from Minnesota) | Justin Hollins, LB, Oregon

6th Round, No. 187 overall | Juwann Winfree, WR, Colorado