And the Denver Broncos Select...

We are just days away from the 2019 NFL Draft. Thirty two Billionaires will be hiring their newest Millionaires in an anticipative attempt at gained value of their franchise’s best interest. Adding to both the marketed revenue of laundry sold to fans while also the promise of more check marks in the win column. Teams get better, and kids finally get paid. Truly the greatest real-time reality TV show there ever was.

John Elway; Broncos Country turns it’s lowly eyes to you….

Within the war room at UC Health Training center many, including new head coach Vic Fangio, will have input on this year’s draft, but only one man will have the final say: John Elway.

The Broncos have many of a need that must be addressed through this year’s draft and this isn’t a veiled secret to the NFL veteran GM and now seven time Super Bowl participant. The Broncos MUST hit on this draft and no one knows that more the John Elway; so where does J.E. go with the first pick?

The Broncos need a Tight End:

The NFL is close within competition. The worst teams are not that far removed from the Super Bowl contenders, and so just a single match-up can often times be the deciding factor. One extra third down converted, one more red-zone target to defend against, a security blanket for a struggling QB when all other options are covered. The Tight End position can often be what makes or breaks you in what is a game of inches. One teams headache is another teams secret weapon.

The Broncos have not had a real threat at TE in the passing game since that terrible Kevin Costner “Draft Day” movie came out in 2014. Julius Thomas couldn’t block himself out of a wet paper bag but what he did against safeties and linebackers in 2013 and 2014 was nothing short of magical. (2013: 12 TDs, 788 Total Yards, 65 Receptions)

The Broncos at #10 have a shot at one of the best TE prospects to come out in quite some time in T.J. Hockenson. "The Hock" (Iowa) is the recipient of the John Mackey Award, Ozzie Newsome Award, First team all Big 10 honor, and the Kwalick-Clark TE of the Year.

He is 6’5 and 251lbs of defensive coordinator headache. He catches, blocks, and can probably shoot and kill the team meal if asked.. Kid is willing and able to do it all.

What about Defense?

The Broncos new HC Vic Fangio is a defensive minded guy and loves him some smoke bringing middle linebackers.

Fangio worked with Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis and last year was a big reason for the Bears drafting Roquan Smith out of Georgia. Fangio (and his scheme) needs an inside linebacker that can turn hips and run with a tight end as well as dash downhill and track down running backs.

If you are looking for destruction of running backs and wallpaper on TE's here are your fellas:

Devin Bush ILB Michigan


234 lbs

40 time: 4.43

Sideline to Sideline nightmare who can play all three downs and gives running backs anxiety disorders and heartburn.

Devin White ILB LSU


237 lbs

40 time: 4.42

Play any scheme any down and will decimate anything in his path. A fire breathing dragon who happens to play football.

So what does Benny say they do?

Pick 10 is valuable, extremely valuable when QBs are still on the board.

According to many a mock draft (for what good that is) there are potential QBs dropping to pick ten if not further and the possibility of these previously mentioned football phenoms might not be available: However, someone, some team, some billionaire owner, will want that pick and want it bad. The Broncos SHOULD TRADE BACK and get more picks for 2019 and 2020. Stock pile picks and get more options.

Am I more apt to hit the bulls-eye if I throw one dart or if I throw all three?

John Elway and the Denver Broncos do need picks now but they will need them ever more so next year in the “QB Rich” 2020 draft (April 23rd, Las Vegas, NV).

Joe Flacco is not the long term answer in Denver but he will suffice for now.

In 2020 there are going to be three if not four quality replacements for Flacco for the Denver Broncos, but they will need plenty of ammo to get the one they want. 2019 is the year to ‘stock up’, not to take ‘stock in’ a QB. Get picks, trade back, and do what you can with what you have remaining in 2019.

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